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ZOE Pro. offers a host of services tailored to our clients needs. However, the most important service we offer is this: to make sure your event is as technically perfect as possible! To that end, we make sure our gear is well-maintained and in working order both before it leaves for an event. W
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Welcome to SIRS Electronics Inc.(WWW.SIRS-E.COM) As a company we have worked for over 25 years on audio concerts and event productions, Authorized Service Center, LED Lighting and Pro Audio Design/Installation/consultation. SIRS Electronics Inc is an important company in the professional lighting a
Audio/Video rentals from, projectors, screens (front and rear) wireless mics, lapels, and boom mics. We also have P.A. systems, powered speakers, moving heads, podiums, trussing, spot lights, mixers, confidence monitor, speaker timers, cd/dvd/blueray players adn production capabilities.